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About Dorking Ducklings

Hi, welcome to Dorking Ducklings!  My name is Sarah and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I know that you will love coming to my Dorking Ducklings baby & child swimming lessons held in Dorking.

My love of all things water started from days splashing around in pools with my mum, dad and sisters, to ploughing up and down doing lengths and competing for Surrey to becoming a scuba diver Divemaster, guiding and helping teach newcomers to the sport.

Having children changed my life in so many ways, but one thing I knew I would do as a mother was to take them swimming from an early age. My girls, Kaia and Marni, love the water as much as me.  I taught my eldest daughter to swim unaided when she was 3 and a half, and that’s when I knew that this was the change of career I wanted.  I worked for nearly 3 years for a big baby swim Company, and then decided that I wanted more flexibility and to be able to give my clients more personal attention, so in June 2017, I started Dorking Ducklings.

I teach because I want to pass on a valuable lifesaving skill, I want to pass on the magic of water by providing fun and progressive classes, and one day you never know but your little one could be the next Olympic Champion!  

All of the lessons are held at St Johns Primary School in North Holmwood, Dorking.  All of the classes are small and personal with a maximum of 6 babies, allowing me to spend individual time with each child and parent and to make sure that everyone is progressing in the right way.


There is seating around the outside of the pool where a family member or friend  are able to sit and watch. Parents will learn how to help their child to feel at ease in the water in a safe manner.

All of the courses run back to back throughout the year, only stopping for the odd few weeks when I have holidays booked.

At Dorking Ducklings I teach children from 8 weeks to 4 years of age no matter their ability. One parent must be present in the water during the lessons.

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